Optimize your investment performance with a right design without affecting the aesthetics of your outdoor space

The correct design of a PV system and its proper installation are required to ensure the proper operation of the power plant, both in terms of safety and energy efficiency. The factors that affect the efficiency and security of the PV system are many. This article presents the most important of these.

  • Orientation of solar panels: To achieve the maximum energy efficiency of the PV system, the incident of solar radiation should be exploited. It is worth mentioning that for Cyprus data, the maximum solar radiation incident on a fixed slope surface is achieved for South orientation and a slope around 28 ° (degrees).
  • Shadowing problems: This factor acts decisively in the energy efficiency of a system. Taking into account that in a PV panel, both PV elements and PV frames are connected in series, we understand that even the shading of a part of the PV system can cause a significant reduction of the power output. It is necessary to have a preliminary study to avoid shades when designing and installing a PV system.
  • Panels – Inverter: The inverter requires a specific range for operating voltage input, having a maximum and a minimum input voltage, which must be strictly followed for maximum performance.

A proper installation ensures the excellent aesthetics of the outdoor space. The purpose of each investment is not to affect the beauty of the outdoor space, but to increase it. This is why the PV panels are placed evenly and integrated in the exterior features of the building.