Photovoltaic systems are lifelong investments. The systems are constantly exposed to weather conditions and natural phenomena and it is therefore necessary to keep them in order to maintain their smooth operation.
Specifically, the maintenance of a PV system is necessary for the detection of possible faults so that they can be quickly rectified. In addition, the maintenance of the equipment reduces the probability of a technical problem. Ensuring our system’s proper functioning is basically the result of continuous control of the system.
Finally, the control and maintenance of the PV system have as main aim to maximize the efficiency of the system and avoid losses, ensuring the safe operation of the system, as well as to inform the investor(owner) about its production.
Proper maintenance and control should include the following:
• Cleaning the Photovoltaic panels
• Visual inspection of the electrical, mechanical and construction parts of the system
• Mechanical and electrical control
• On-line monitoring of the production of the system