Energy is one of the most basic foundations of modern life due to its multiple uses. The most essential and usable form of energy is the electrical energy since it is present in all human activities.
Let’s think about our everyday routine … Can anyone live with the absence of electricity? People use electricity to cover all their needs.  Electrical appliances are not missing from our everyday activities since they cover our own needs as well as our entertainment. Thus, electricity is now a necessary factor in people’s lives.
Cyprus is characterized as an energy isolated island, which does not have its own energy resources. But it has an abundance of solar energy and very good climatic conditions which are a great energy asset for our island.
It is very easy for our island to understand its energy goals through photovoltaic systems. Photovoltaic systems offer an attractive solution for all types of applications that require economical and reliable power supply even under extremely difficult weather conditions. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the promotion and installation of photovoltaic systems on the island since all citizens can now easily exploit our natural wealth for home use (Net-metering and pool water recycling systems), for businesses / industries (self-production systems) and also for electrification in areas where network access is not possible (autonomous systems).