Due to the constantly growing human needs, we are continuously seeking solutions for energy saving. It is time to take advantage of the energy we have in our hands which is no other than solar energy, the energy that the sun generously offers us at no cost.

The importance of the sun in our lives
The importance of the Sun to the evolution and preservation of life on Earth is high, as the fundamental process of photosynthesis provides the necessary energy for the growth of living organisms and maintains the surface temperature of the Earth at life-tolerant levels. It is worth mentioning that the energy that the sun radiates every second is 3.9x¬†TeraWatts (TW). In addition, the total solar energy absorbed by the earth in an hour is more than the energy used by the world in a year. The amount of solar energy reaching the planet’s surface is so great that within a year it is about twice as long as it can ever be taken from all non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, natural gas and uranium together.

How can we use the sun?
Solar energy is exploited in three ways:

  • Passive solar systems
  • Active solar systems
  • The photovoltaic systems

With the proper use of the sun and the energy it emits, we will also have the desired financial savings.