HUAWEI Smart PV Safety Box – SmartPSB2000L


Huawei Smart PV Safety Box is fully compatible with Huawei FusionHome’s flexible system design which accommodates the use of PV optimizers on selected modules that may have shading or a different rooftop orientation. Huawei FusionHome enables customers to only add optimizers where needed, helping to keep costs down compared to full optimizer systems, while delivering high energy yields.

Huawei Smart PV Safety Box also enables Power Line Communication with optimizers, resulting in communications across the PV system that are high speed, stable and interference free.

The enhanced safety features include support for DC disconnection and a rapid module level-shutdown capability. This results in a fast shutdown of the solar PV system in an emergency across the entire rooftop. This provides additional protection for the homeowner, maintenance personnel and reduces the risk of property damage. Huawei Smart PV Safety Box has been developed to the IP65 protection rating standard and rigorously tested for outdoor use.

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Country of manufacture : China

Warranty in Years : 10



•Rated input power: 600 W

Number of inputs : 2

•Maximum input voltage: 15 V



•Max. Output voltage: 600 V

Number of outputs : 2


Compatible product:

SUN2000P-375W Smart Optimizer


L = 14.9cm

W = 14.9cm

H = 4.9cm

Weight = 0.8kg