AC charging cable Type 2 Socket +5m Cable


A Mobile AC charging cable with vehicle charging connector and infrastructure charging plug for charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC) via type 2 vehicle charging inlets, compatible with type 2 infrastructure charging sockets at charging stations for e-mobility (EVSE)

Compatible with : Huawei Shargers 7KS-22KS

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Country of manufacture : China

Cable length: 5 m

Color (Housing): black (9005)

Color (Handle area): gray (7042)

Material (Vehicle charging connector): Plastic

Charging standard: Type 2


    Electrical properties

•Charging power 26.6 kW

•Note on the connection method: Crimp connection, cannot be disconnected 

•Coding 220 Ω (between PE and PP)

•Charging current 32 A



Weight = 2.7 kg