SolarEdge Power Optimizer P505


SolarEdge DC Power Optimisers are small add-on electronic devices that enable each solar panel to operate at its maximum power point.

The SolarEdge P505 optimizer is a device that optimizes the energy output of solar panels. The P505 optimizer works by optimizing the output of each individual panel, since the output per panel can vary due to age, shadow, or orientation. When the solar panels are connected in a string configuration, this means loss of output from the total string.

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Country of origin : Israel

Warranty in Years : 25



•Rated input power: 505 W

•Absolute maximum input voltage: 83 V

•MPPT operating voltage range: 12.5 – 83 V

•Max. Input Current: 14 A



•Max. Output voltage: 80 V

•Max. Output current: 15 A



Compatible product:

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L = 12.9cm

W = 16.2cm

H = 2.3cm

Weight = 1.7kg