NSP-08G Solar Street Light 1440LM


NSP-08G is an Independent solar light system . Use for outdoor lighting selection with a monocrystalline solar panel that can provide you high visual comfort. Also the bigest advantage is the adjustable-Rotate 360° Solar panel , that can ensure maximum efficiency of solar energy

SSL-01 can mount on any wall and you can adjust the light by the remote control.
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Country of manufacture : China

Warranty in Years : 2

•LED 1440lm 3000-6500K
• Battery 20AH/3.2V Lithium
•Lighting time after fully charging the battery: for 4-5 rainy days.
•Lifetime > 50000hours
•Waterproof IP65
•Material: aluminum, ABS
•Recommended mounting height: 3-6m



Courtyard / garden / park / street / road / roadway / parking lot / private road / pavement / public square / plaza / campus / airport / farm / protected area / wildlife area / secluded area / military base




•Remote control-Simple operation, change to different modes easily.
•Wireless application-Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other
accessories into one system, simple and stylish.
•Easy installation-No power required, no cables required, easy installation in 2 minutes.
•Solar panel angle adjustable-Rotate 360°, ensure maximum efficiency of solar energy
•Lithium battery—Adopt lithium battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime
•Low cost—Compared with traditional solar led lights, much lower cost, easy to transport.

   Box Contains
•4 x 304 expansion screws & spacer & nut
•1 x Fixed the back light pole
•2 x 304 hexagonal screw M6 & nut
•2 x 304 hexagonal screw M6
•1 x Hexagon wrench M5
•1 x Open spanner M10
•1 x Remote control
•1 x NSP-08G Solar Street Light 1440LM

•L = 49.0cm

H = 38.5cm

•D = 30cm

Weight = 9.5kg