Luna Smart Backup Box B1 3Ph


The Huawei Backup Box-B1 for the single-phase household grid ensures that your loads are supplied even in the event of a power failure. In combination with the M1 inverter series, the Backup Box enables emergency power operation in the event of a grid failure.

The installation and operation of the Backup Box for solar systems is very straightforward. The device supports communication with the inverter simply by means of a digital input.

The Backup Box is compatible with Luna-2000 battery 5kwh & Huawei Hybrid Inverters 3Ph

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Country of manufacture : China

 Output (On Grid):

Grid connection: Three Phase

Rated voltage : 380 V / 400 V


AC Output (Backup):

Load connection : Single Phase

Rated voltage : 220 V / 230 V

Maximum apparent power : 3,300 VA


L = 40cm

W = 35cm

H = 13cm

Weight = 11kg