Huawei Smart Power Sensor DDSU666-H 250A/50mA


Type DDSU666-H Smart Power Sensor is specially designed for the distributed photovoltaic system, to be a new Smart power sensor, combined with measurement and communication, mainly applied into the measurement for electrical quantity including voltage, current, power ,frequency, power factor, active energy etc. in the electrical circuit. It can realize networking with the external device through RS485 communication interface. Adopting the standard DIN35mm din rail mounting, structural module design, it is characterized with small volume, easy installation and networking, etc.



Country of manufacture : China

General Data


•Power system type: 1P2W (1-phase)

•Input voltage: 176 VAC~288 VAC (phase / N)

•Power consumption: ≤ 1 W

•Communication: RS485



L = 10cm

W = 7.2cm

H = 6.55m

Weight = 1.2kg