Helios DC MCB 20A 500V 2P


RDX7-20DC MCB circuit breaker is composed of shell, operating mechanism, thermal release, electromagnetic release contact system, arc extinguishing system, etc.


It has overload and short circuit protection functions, unique design structure and powerful permanent magnet arc extinguishing.The system enables the product to have a short-circuit capacity of 10kA, a mechanical life of more than 20,000 times, and a beautiful appearance.

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The installation guide rail is TH35-7.5 standard steel installation rail, and has the following characteristics: The handle is designed above the front face, and it has a strong sense of safety during operation.

Feel comfortable, must pay attention to the “+, -” polarity when wiring, the power supply is in and out, which is in line with the characteristics of the power supply line, easy to install and save wires.

• Poles : 2

•Voltage: 500V

•Current In: 20A

• Installation category: Class II / Class III

• Mechanical Life: 20000 times

•Standard GB14048.2, IEC60947-2

• Therminal Connection type: Cable/U-type busbar/Pin-type busbar

• Mounting On Din rail: EN 60715 / TH35-7.5

•Connection: Top and bottom







L = 3.6cm

W = 7.2cm

H = 8cm

Weight = 0.20kg