Helios AC Surge Arrestor T2 2P


This surge arrester is used to protect high-voltage equipment in substations, such as transformers, circuit breakers and bushings, against the effects of lightning and switching surges.


By the green window will change to rec when fault occurs, also provide remote alarm terminal at the the same time.

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• Poles : 4

•Rated Voltage: 275V

•TOV voltage:355V/sec

• Swiching capacity a.c: 250V/ 0.5A

•Nominal discharge current(8/20) (In) (kA) : 8

• Mounting On Din rail: EN 60715 / TH35-7.5

•Connection: Top and bottom

•Follow current extinguishing capability (Uo) : 32A fuse will not be triggered at 2kA 255V



L = 3.6cm

W = 9cm

H = 6.6cm

Weight = 0.40kg