Epever-VS-AU Series 30A PWM Charge Controller


VS-AU series is a PWM charge controller with LCD display and two USB ports. When the gap between solar panel working voltage and battery voltage is not big, choosing this PWM series is an equally reliable but more cost-effective solution. It is widely applied to rural Electrification and home power systems etc.,

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Country of manufacture : China

Warranty in Years : 2

•Nominal system voltage : 12/24/36/48VDC Auto

•Battery type: Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flooded

•Battery input voltage range: 9V~64V

•Rated charge current: 45A


•With a built-in LED driver, IP68 ingress protection, and infrared communication.

•PWM charging mode

Lithium battery self-activating function

Multiple load control modes (including midnight working mode)


L = 19.4cm

W = 11.8cm

H = 6.38cm

Weight = 0.88kg