Bird Blocker BB200


Bird Blocker is an easily applicable way to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels. It is understandable that birds like a dry, sheltered place to build a nest. Let your solar energy installation fully comply with this during the nesting period – and it is nice and warm too. The combination of birds and solar panels is simply undesirable for birds, humans and installations – and dangerous too.

BirdBlocker is a sturdy plastic strip that is mounted under the solar panel. The strip has needles/fingers that fit tightly on the roof and make it impossible for birds to get under the solar panel. There is a connecting bridge between the needles so that they cannot pass between the needles. Due to the choice of materials, it is virtually impossible to break them down. The unique clip construction makes mounting easy, but at the same time it is impossible for birds to pry loose. In short, a complete, well thought-out solution.

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Length of needles: 200 mm (Needles are interconnected with a strip for greater stability)

Maximum cover height: 200 mm

BirdBlocker strips: 50 cm wide

Material: black UV-resistant and recyclable HDPE

Mounting clips: stainless steel



Durable product, made to protect your panels for decades to come

•Guaranteed quality, TÜV certified

•In accordance with IEC, NEN 1010, AREI and BS 767

Clean appearance of your roof due to reduced excrement from birds

Environmentally conscious design: 100% recyclable

Extends life expectancy of your solar panels

Its unique material makes it exceptionally UV- and frost-resistant

Unique sophisticated clip system

Compatible with 98% of solar panels



10-year product warranty on the material


L = 100cm

W = 1cm

H = 20cm

Weight = 0.20kg